Started as a cultural initiative by the University of Southern California's School of Fine Arts, Art in Motion was conceived as a forum to highlight emerging work being done in new media. At the success of the first year, the festival's directors envisioned a much grander effort to bring together the most innovative projects from more diverse disciplines. They came to Superhappybunny's Edwin Roses to lead the design and branding of the festival. With a multi-year commitment to make it happen, they knew their voice had to be clear to reach their audience.

    The one-day showcase that marked the first AIM festival has since grown into a rich media arts festival with international reach. This year marks Art in Motion's fifth anniversary. Five years in, AIM has changed and matured. AIM's program has extended to over 30 exhibits, screenings, symposia and remote lectures in Los Angeles, Hong Kong Kong, Tokyo and Peru. The recent AIM call for entries received an overwhelming response of over 700 entries from 39 countries, a surprising growth from AIM I’s receipt of just over 100 submissions.

    Pictured here is a selection of images from AIM II + III. The branding extended from the web, to books, posters, advertising, signange and projections. The identity had to create a flexible enough graphic language that could be adopted year to year to the festival's theme.