One Spring day in 2002, loft mate and long time collaborator Aaron Rincover brought these shimmering little cubes home to the studio. Captivated at first sight by their translucency, we noticed the simple and interesting way the single shaped blocks connected. We knew we had something special.

But what do they do? The single shaped blocks stack one over the other to make 3D characters, sculptures and translucent worlds

Their grooved sides slide together to make 2D graphics and even custom photomosaics.

Over the next several months a plan was hatched. Superhappybunny started conceiving what the creative potential was and helped figure out how this idea could be brought to be. Aaron assembled the team of partners he would later lead and secured the investment which established PixelBlocks, LLC in Fall of that year.

With marching orders, designers Edwin Roses and Bart Haney took the challenge of branding a seemingly endless toy. Playgroups were formed whose sole job was to explore how these simple little blocks could add up to be so much more. The Playgroups made hundreds of models. From simple critters to articulated robots. While Aaron redesigned the block to make it more kid friendly, Edwin went through the meticulous process of selecting the distinct 20 color palette. The colors had the high aims to both inspire creativity in a new way and transcend cliches about boy and girl toys.

We knew we had to create a unique world that the pixel critters inhabited. Floating and shimmering to accentuate the blocks' translucency and spacey disposition, Edwin and Bart worked on the design with satellite bunnies Oksana Badrak and Scott Johnson. Seamlessly combining illustration, photography and 3D modeling to create a distinct look for the visually saturated toy market. The branding extends from the packaging into advertising, sales collateral, website and extensive Playbooks which inspire builders with ideas in each set.

Since their premiere at the New York International Toy Fair, the PixelBlocks have garnered critical industry acclaim and awards. The line began shipping in Fall of 2003 with a growing list of specialty toy, museum, and gift stores carrying them throughout North America.

Two years into the project we feel very, well, pregnant. We are proud to see such great response not just from kids but from adults alike. Wide eyes at choosing a color and furoughed brows solving an idea always remind us of why we like to make things.

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